Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Release Tuesday: 1/27/15

NE-YO - Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction Deluxe Edition

~MusicLife Pick~
He accomplished his mission of making up for Libra Scale.  Ne-YO returns to his formula of presenting smooth R&B ballads with some dance hits as well.  Listen to:  Everybody Loves/The Def in You, Integrity ft. Charisse Mills, Coming With You, Take You There

Preview album here 

Charlie Wilson - Forever Charlie

Forever Charlie

Preview album here

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Monday, January 26, 2015

State of Emergency: Drunk in Love or Sipping Lean

State of Emergency: A featured post that sheds a light on offensive acts, all in the name of music.

I'm still in shock over this one here... So where to start...

Okay, last week Lil Wayne released his mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2, while in the mist of a heated battle with his record label and long time friend/boss Birdman. To add to all the drama, Lil Wayne's latest girlfriend, Christina Milian, has been making the talk show rounds discussing their relationship with anyone who will listen from Wendy Williams to Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. 

SideNote: Lil Wayne changes girlfriends like you or I would change wash clothes... but I've digressed...

In the middle of all that, Christina Milan and Dwayne Carter decided that they would remix Drunk in Love by the Royal First Family of Music Beyonce and Jay Z!!! I have affectionately titled the song Sipping Lean: The Drunk in Love Remix... What is "Lean" you ask? Well, that a special mix of promethazine, codeine cough syrup and sprite, some add Jolly Ranchers for flavor. This is the drug many think may have been responsible for Lil Wayne's seizures a few years back. I personally believe it is the single reason behind the fact that he actual released this song...

But, have a listen and then we will discuss...

First the original, the one we all know and love or like a little...

Now this madness... I'll wait...

Let's discuss... If this is Christina's comeback, it's best that she stay gone because singing is just not her thang! I mean everyone has their thing and singing may not be hers... that's all!!! Not only is this song trashy and ratchet, it is also so poorly produced that it no longer even resembles the original. I'm not sure if it's the overly autotuned Lil Wayne, or if it's the simple fact that Christina is trying wayyyy too hard, it's just bad! Nope, it's actually terrible.

While the original Drunk in Love is classy and laced with adult sexual innuendos, the remix is simply gross and excessively sexually explicit!!! Lil Wayne's usage of the word "pussy" becomes a little redundant and trashy!!! However, there is a small glimpse of comedy genius when Christina sang the line "Skateboard" to replace Beyonce's "Surfboard" innuendo... Yup, I think that sums it all up!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Recap Report: 1/23/15

The Recap Report:  A feature post that highlights interesting music news collected from the music streets you might have missed

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and J. Cole: The Perfect Strangers - In ESPN's music issue, racing and rap collide as a result of a Cole song.

52 Reasons 2015 Will Be The Best Year For Music Since Ever - Get excited as we get a taste of artists planning to drop albums this year!

Trailer: Adina Howard 20: A Story of Sexual Liberation (Documentary) - Adina's upcoming doc sheds light on the influence of sex in music.

Jay Z Is Not Buying Hot 97, Station Owner Says - Despite the beef that Flex caused with Jay, Hot 97 will not become Hov 97, lol.

Will Lady Gaga & Adele's 'Bro-Down' Lead to a New Song? - Gaga and Adele hit the studio but to create what and for who?

This week Meghan Trainor performed an acoustic version of "Lips Are Movin" on The Night Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Performing acoustic always allows you to hear an artist's true vocal abilities.  She sounded a little like Tori Kelly, Adriana Grande and Amy from the group Karmin during the rap part.  Check it out . .

Thursday, January 22, 2015

TLC Solicits Fans to Finance Final Album Through Kickstarter

This week, in addition to announcing they would be one of New Kids on the Block's special guests for their summer tour, TLC asked for a unique favor from their fans...help finance their fifth and final album through Kickstarter so they could have more creative control over the development (see video here).

For those unaware, Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding site used to raise money for creative projects.  I first heard about it in 2013 when Kickstarter was used to develop a film based on the cancelled 2007 show Veronica Mars.  Fans were able to donate and receive an incentive in return.  The campaign raised $5.7 million dollars.  More and more celebs are jumping on the bandwagon and using Kickstarter like Sylvester Stallone, Spike Lee, and DMC of Run DMC.

TLC's goal is to raise $150,000 by Feb. 15 to ensure a September release target date.  The funds will go towards studio time with any money beyond the goal to be used for additional needs like hiring producers.  Each donation level comes with a perk from your name printed in the album's digital booklet to a photo shoot with T-Boz or Chilli.  This isn't the first time TLC has involved their fans.  In 1999, they dedicated their third album FanMail to their fans and included thousand of their names inside the CD jacket.

I don't think TLC will have any problem making their goal.  Currently, they have over 1,300 backers who have donated over $126,000.  Apparently, Katy Perry gave $5,000.  Being a fan myself, I'm at least donating $35 so I can be a part of history and have my name in their CD booklet.  You too, can donate here.

Is this the start of a new approach to album development?  Is it fair for celebs to ask fans for money when it's assumed they should have the ability and/or resources to finance themselves?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Release Tuesday: 1/20/15

2015 Grammy Nominees

2015 Grammy Nominees [+digital booklet]

~MusicLife Pick~
You can't go wrong with a one stop shop CD filled with 2015 hits!!

Preview album here 

Ledisi - The Intimate Truth

The Intimate Truth

Preview album here

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TLC & Nelly join NKOB for Summer Tour

Members of New Kids on the Block announced this morning on Good Morning America that they are hitting the road once again, touring this summer.  This time around they're bringing special guests TLC and Nelly.

Presales start Jan. 22 with general sale starting Jan. 31.

Tour Schedule

May 1 - Las Vegas, NV
May 2 - Anaheim, CA
May 3 - San Jose, CA
May 5 - Vancouver, BC
May 6 - Tacoma, WA
May 9 - Los Angeles, CA
May 11 - San Diego, CA
May 12 - Phoenix, AZ
May 14 - Dallas, TX
May 15 - New Orleans, LA
May 16 - Houston, TX
May 18 - Oklahoma City, OK
May 19 - Kansas City, MO
May 20 - St. Paul, MN
May 22 -  St. Louis, MO
May 23 - Rosemont, IL
May 26 - Cincinnati, OH
May 27 - Nashville, TN
May 29 - Detroit, MI
May 30 - Grand Rapids, MI
May 31 - Indianapolis, IN
June 2 - Charlotte, NC
June 4 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 5 - Orlando, FL
June 6 - Atlanta, GA
June 7 - Louisville, KY
June 9 - Norfolk, VA
June 10 - Washington, DC
June 12 - Uncasville, CT
June 13 - Bethlehem, PA
June 14 - Pittsburgh, PA
June 16 - Columbus, OH
June 17 - Cleveland, OH
June 19 - Philadelphia, PA
June 20 - Uniondale, NY
June 21 - New York, NY
June 22 - New York, NY
June 24 - Boston, MA
June 27 - Hershey, PA
June 28 - Toronto, ON
June 30 - Montreal, QC
July 2 - Buffalo, NY

Click here for ticket info.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lifetime Finally Gets a Biopic Right With Whitney

After a HUGE and embarrassing miss with Aaliyah's biopic, Lifetime redeemed itself with Whitney.  Despite creating without the permission Whitney's family, it seemed to be the closest representation from what I can remember as a fan.  Even after seeing the trailer, I wasn't going to support it due to the Aaliyah train wreck.  But then I figured it had to be at least decent if Angela Bassett, a friend of Whitney, was behind it as director (compared to Wendy Williams which to my knowledge didn't have a close connection with Aaliyah).  As a result, I hoped that someone who knew Whitney would at least have her best interest in mind.

Here's where it went right:
  • It featured Whitney songs that were sung by Deborah Cox who did a wonderful job capturing the vocal spirit of Whitney.
  • The acting and casting were of quality.  Most of the actors, beyond Yaya Dacosta who played Whitney, were true to the people they were playing in some shape or form like the actors who played Babyface, Clive Davis, and Eddie Murphy.
  • It had an appropriate ending unlike the tasteless PowerPoint slideshow seen in the Aaliyah biopic.

The only complaint I have was the title was very misleading.  Although, I knew it was only going to focus on a slice of Whitney's career, I was disappointed that it was more about her relationship with Bobby than her life and career.  It should've been called The Love Story of Whitney & Bobby or Bobby's Love for Whitney.  Nonetheless, I thought it was decent effort and congratulations to Yaya for her major acting debut and Angela's as a director.  I still believe Whitney deserves a proper biopic motion picture film that has the permission of her family and captures her entire career and successes.


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