Friday, July 16, 2010

MusicLife Interview w/ Eshe of Arrested Development

Eshe is the woman standing on the right

You may know the hip-hop group Arrested Development from their '90s hits "Tennessee," "People Everyday" and "Mr. Wendal."  Their debut album 3 Years 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life of sold over four million copies.  In 1992, they were asked by Spike Lee to write a song for the movie Malcolm X, it was called "Revolution."  Arrested Development went on to win two Grammys for Best Rap Album and Best New Artist and was named Rolling Stone's Band of the Year.

Along with their musical accomplishments, Arrested Development has made it a point to give back to the community.  They were the first African-American group to donate money to Nelson Mandela and the ANC to help South Africans in their freedom; they donated $20,000 to UNICEF for relief of women in the Congo, they have done charity for Homeless organizations throughout the world and donated half of the "Mr. Wendal" proceeds to the National coalition of the homeless, and have reached out to inner city youth, women's prisions, and activists spreading the word to fight against their oppression.

"Rap is CNN for Blacks."  Take Arrested Development, Public Enemy, A Tribe called Quest, and others out of the hip-hop equation and you are left with an imbalance in subject matter." - Chuck D of Public Enemy

Well Arrested Development is back in the equation!  After being out of the spotlight for a while, they are back with their ninth album "Stronger."  I had the pleasure of talking with Eshe, one of the members to find out where they've been, talk about their new album and her passion for music.  Listen below for the interview and find out what is Eshe's musiclife!

Check out some of their new videos off the album

This song speaks to the global warming and climate crisis primarily from the perspective of African Americans / Africans around the world.

This animated video a poignant essay on the music industries power or lack of, when it comes to world events. Rap has had a powerful voice and a chance to bring issues of genocide in the Congo and death on U.S. streets but instead chose bling and thongs. The blood of many are on our hands. While literally rappers are getting blown away and record companies are reaping the monetary benefits in the billions.

See them live in a city near you, click here

Purchase their album on iTunes

Learn more about Arrested Development:

Special thanks to Eshe and Dee Dee M. Cocheta of A.B.C. PR & Marketing Firm


  1. i'm very glad to hear that AD is comin out with a new album and hope that some of their new music makes it into the mainstream. like she said, ppl need to know what's out there and available to them and most just don't. there's enough room in the industry for everyone and AD is def the type of positivity we need out there to balance the music scene. great interview, j9!! look at u comin up! =)

  2. Yes! I am looking forward to the new album. AD is a conscious group that is needed! Great interview J9!


  3. @Kelz and Tonya - Thanks so much. Eshe was such a great person to interview as my first. She's such a cool person. It was great to talk to someone that feels the same way about music like I do :)

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out QUEEN!...Appreciate you...WELL DONE on the interview! CYBER HUGGIN'

  5. Excellent interview J9. You are feirce young lady... just like I always knew you were. So proud of you.
    Millie B

  6. This was fantastic Jeanine! I loved how Eshe described the group as a "gumbo" of stuff. Excited to hear their new stuff!! Making moves, J9, makin moves...!

  7. @Dee Dee - Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!
    @Millie B - :)
    @Alex D - Yea, I loved her description of gumbo too!!

  8. Okay... I know that I'm super late hearing this but hearing it reinforced what I've known for a long time... you are a natural at this Jeanine. I'm so proud of you for taking your blogging project so seriuously and giving it all that you have. I know that this great interview is only scratching the surface of the contributions that you will be making to the music world.
    You can tell that Eshe really respected you and found your questions were thought provoking.

    Good work! (My Art of Interviewing professor would be proud)

  9. @MrsAmbitious - u gonna make me cry man. . . u know I'm sensitive but don't like showing it, lol. I couldn't have done prepared for the interview w/o your help. Thanks for answering the late nite phone call ;)

  10. Finally a group with Afrocentric consciousness is back. Hopefully, the new album will have the same roots as they had in the 90s

    Good interview Jeekala :)



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