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New Release Tuesday: 8/30/11

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So once again MusicLife's NRT is screwed up again cause these artists wanna drop albums whenever instead of following the normal release schedule.

Jill Scott - The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1
Hidden Beach Presents: The Original Jill Scott From The Vault, Vol. 1
Must Hear Track(s):  I Don't Know (Gotta Have You), Wake Up Baby
Wake Up Baby, The Light (Piano Mix)
2 Cents:  Those we are still on the fence about Light of the Sun might light the vibe of these songs from "The Vault" better, which are tracks left on the cutting room floor from previous albums.

Lenny Kravitz - Black & White America
 Black and White America 
 Must Hear Track(s):  Black and White America, Liquid Jesus, Superlove
2 Cents:  If you like the ol skool/70s-80s rock vibe, you're gonna like this album.

 Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV 
(official release date: 8/29/11)
Tha Carter IV

Must Hear Track(s):  She Will, 6 Foot 7 Foot
2 Cents:  Not a fan but I'm not feeling this one, what's new?

Note:  To purchase album on Amazon.com, click on image above.  To preview "must hear" tracks, click on the link.  

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Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 MTV Video Music Awards: ChinaBabe Review

2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

The VMAs this year was head and shoulders above the last 3 years combined! This year there was no host, which I think brought an interesting flow to the show.  In previous years, the host has been more of block then a guide...so I was excited to see what will happen...it was good!!!!

  • There is a Carter Baby on the way...Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter officially announced her pregnancy by throwing the mic and snatching open her jacket to reveal... MATURITY PANTS!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
    Congratulations to the King and Queen of Hip Hop and R&B!!!!
  • Lady Gaga introduced the world to Jo Calderone!!! I think I love me some Jo!!!
  • We got a first look at The Throne!
    RIGHT! I almost forgot...the crazy man who ran through the performance, followed by security! MTV really needs to get it together with the security.
  • Chris Brown and all his amazingness!!!!
  • Britney Spear's received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award 
  • Britney's Tribute turned into Beyonce's intro!!!! Tricky, tricky, MTV....*I see you*
  • Lil Wayne had a mini-breakdown...
Oh, it was a great night of music...and performances!!!

Please click on the artist name to view the performance.

Performer: Beyonce
Song: Love On Top
Album: 4

This performance was upbeat and lively.  Beyonce had a glow and a light heartness that was just fantastic! I was smiling throughout the performance and then the reveal of Baby Carter...its all so heart warming!!!

Song: You and I
Album: Born this Way

Lady Gaga is everything! Just when you think she can't do anything new and innovative, she surprises us with a alter ego! All while giving Drag Kings a little play on the main stage! It was awesome! 

Performer: Chris Brown
Song: Yeah 3x Musical Tribute to the Past
Album: F.A.M.E.

Chris Brown decided that he would dance and fly and dance some more!!! I loved every single moment of it. There has never been a performance like this, there was pure dance from one stage to the other and back...Oh, Christopher Brown... =)

Performer: The Throne
Song: Otis
Album: Watch the Throne

The surprise performance of the Throne was great! I was so excited at the preview of the Watch the Throne Tour! I love Otis, I loved the long walk entrance! This performance was great!

Performer: Adele
Song: Someone Like You
Album: 21

As always Adele was amazing! This performance was emotional and wonderful! I loved every moment!!!


If I were to grade the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards I would have to give it a strong B+!!!! All in all I was pleasantly surprised by the night!!! The performances were really, really good.  The presenters were good.  The stage was AMAZING!!! 

I just wish we could have seen more of Jessie J's performances during the commercial breaks.  It would have been great for Kevin Hart to host the VMAs but I guess since he hosted the BET awards, MTV didn't want to follow with a similar format.

For the complete list of 2011 MTV Video Music Award
Winners please click here.

What was your favorite performance?

What was your favorite moment from the show?

Friday, August 26, 2011

A.B.C. by Eric J: "Who Runs the World (Girls)" - Beyonce

A.B.C.:  Also known as "Another Bad Creation" from my cousin, Eric J (choreographer/dancer/instructor)

 Who runs the world. . Eric J and his girls!!!

Eric J Class Schedule

Mon. - Beg. 9-10:30pm
Tues. - Adv. Beg. 9-10:30pm
Thurs. - Adv. Beg. 9-10:30pm
Sat - Int. 7:30 - 9:30pm

For more info, visit: Broadway Dance Center

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

MusicLife Remembers Aaliyah: 10 Year Anniversary

The Princess of R&B 
"Baby Girl"

J9 Remembers: I was moving into my dorm to start my junior year of college when I heard the news.  My heart dropped, it was broken!  To be such a talented entertainer just beginning to scratch the surface of her amazing potential to then have it end so suddenly and tragically.  Aaliyah was truly one in a million!  She had the whole package, bringing her own flavor and style from her introducing this boyish yet sexy style of dress to making intricate choreo looks sleek and effortless.  Her music was definitely a staple of my adolescent years.  With each of her albums, I'm taken to a different period in my life. 

 J9's Favorite Video: Are You That Somebody?
Album: From the Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack
Year: 1998

To this day, this video will forever be one of my favorites not so much by its concept but because of the choreo and cinematography.  With direction by Mark Gerard and choreo by one my fav choreographers Fatima, the best parts of the video were the transitions where it could be a group of dancers that begin the choreo to then become shadows and then it quickly seques to 2 dancers to finish the move.  See what I mean, watch 1:30 - 1:40.  However, my favorite video for its concept is More Than a Woman.  I thought it was a cool idea to have Aaliyah the one controlling the power inside the motorcycle and then to find it she's the one driving it as well.  To see the video, click here.

J9's Favorite Aaliyah Songs

ChinaBabe Remembers: I remember the news of Aaliyah's death like it was yesterday.  I had taken the day off, it was such a beautiful day. I was in relax mode! My sister ran into my bedroom yelling "Aaliyah died, she's dead!!!". I began to tear up because my sister's best friend's daughter is named Aaliyah and she was just a baby, I was heartbroken. I turned on the radio because I believe music heals everything...only to find out that Aaliyah...THE AALIYAH, had also passed away!!!! I was beyond devastated!!! All this tragedy on the same day. I ran downstairs to call my mother and I was telling her about all the death, my sister was like "Baby Aaliyah is not dead, Silly".

*I said all of that to say this =)*

I remember the day of Aaliyah passing, I kept thinking 'what about her parents...what about Dame?' So devasting! I remember the funeral...it was all such a sad time...and it was only a few short weeks later that 9/11 happened.

Aaliyah was the definition of our generation!!!! She re-defined style and music, with the help of Missy Elliot and Timbaland.  She showed that R&B/Urban females could be versatile with significant acting roles in Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned. She was a rare treasure that I truly miss!!!

China Babe's Favorite Video: Rock the Boat
Album: Aaliyah
Year: 2001

This is the one of the most sexiest videos of all-time...yup, I said it!!!! Of course, choreography by Fatima Robinson.  It's amazing how if I watch this video once, I have to watch it 3 times...it's just so addictive and so sexy!!!

ChinaBabe's Favorite Aaliyah Songs

Alluring Aaliyah Info

Despite rumors, there was nothing "wrong" with Aaliyah's eye...she had one eye covered in a "peek-a-boo" hairstyle, inspired by 1940's film star Veronica Lake. She simply enjoyed the hairstyle and sunglasses =)

Aaliyah stated that her album Aaliyah was her version of Janet Jackson's Control album.

Aaliyah was scheduled to play the lead role in the movie Honey, later recast to Jessica Alba.

Aaliyah was scheduled to start working on a Whitney Houston produced remake of the 1976 film Sparkle. The movie was canceled due to her untimely death.

Word on the Street: Aaliyah's BioPic is in production!  Keshia Chante will play Aaliyah and it will be directed by Dream Girls director Bill Condon.

Left: Aaliyah and Right: Keshia Chante

On Thursday, August 25th

BET will begin airing the special 
Aaliyah: One In A Million

Check your local listing for times.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MusicLife Interview w/ Amel Larrieux

August 19, 2011 - The Park at Fourteenth - Washington, DC

The music world was first introduced to Amel Larrieux and Bryce Wilson as the duo Groove Theory in 1993.  Early followers may recall Groove Theory singles such as Tell Me, Keep Tryin', and Baby Luv from their self-titled release.  Although their only album to date was both a critical and commercial success, the group parted ways in 1999.  Larrieux reemerged in 2003, on the independent label Blisslife Records, created with her husband Laru Larrieux.  She has since released several notable works on the label including the albums Infinite Possibilities, Bravebird, Morning, and Lovely Standards.

Currently promoting her newest project tentatively titled Ice Cream Every Day, Guest MusicLife Blogger C had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Larrieux and found out if there was a possibility of a Groove Theory album and her take on the independent music movement.

By Guest MusicLife Blogger C

C on the serious interviewing tip w/ Amel

MusicLife: We understand that you and Bryce Wilson are recording together again.

Amel: We aren’t recording but we have done a bunch of live dates together.

MusicLife: Is there a possibility of you guys recording together again?

Amel: Yeah, we are just trying to get on the same page, get on the same schedule, get in the studio.  It just takes a little time.

MusicLife:  Many artists are now going the independent route. What are your thoughts on this movement compared to when you left Epic and started Blisslife records?

Amel: Whenever you to decide to go independent, it’s imperative that there is a business mind, experience, and knowledge of the music industry and the Internet to propel you and keep you out there. And then there is the financial support.  People can sing but they don’t have the money and may have great people behind them. Others have the money but don’t have people who can get things done. This climate now is very different than when I left in 2003. It was difficult for me.  Now it’s a lot better,.. a lot easier.

MusicLife:  Would you say that is a direct result of Internet and outlets like YouTube?

Amel:  Yes, definitely.  Nobody knew that the Internet had the power that it did.  People can become a YouTube sensation.  The power is really in the people’s hands in many ways.

MusicLife:  When you talk about having the experience and the finances, do you mean that artists must have their own financial means together in order to push through versus the indie label?

Amel:  The artist themselves have to be financially stable.  You can’t just say you want [a music career] and expect your career to follow. The likelihood of it happening that way is very small. When people leave the record label or decide they want to pursue music as a career, they don’t realize that it’s a business.  Just like if you want to open a McDonald's, you first have to have money to purchase a franchise and be able to produce revenue.  I don’t think many people understand that.  Too often artists romanticize what [the music industry] is like.  50 [Cent] may have sold out of the back of his car but he also had his hustle sustaining him.  But, if you really love what you do you will persevere.

MusicLife:  Do you think perseverance is enough?
Amel:  If you don’t use someone else’s definition of success,…ABSOLUTELY!  You can be successful playing music in the park and people giving you $2.50 a day.  The music has to make you happy.  You have to know what makes you happy and you have to know what doesn’t make you happy and also make sure that you’re not using something to justify you not getting it together.

Shout out to Mrs. Larrieux for graciously allowing us to talk to her after her allotted time for interviews had ended. Many Thanks.

Special out to Mercy and Beny Blaq Entertainment for giving MusicLife another great opportunity!! 

If you're in the DMV area, make sure to check out The Park Unplugged on Fridays at The Park at Fourteenth in Washington, DC and hear music from the hottest artists out there.  Past artists include Ryan Leslie, Talib Kweli, Melanie Fiona, Goapele, Joe, and Estelle to name only a few.  To find out the latest events, visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @BBE_Events.

New Release Tuesday: 8/23/11

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 The Game - The R.E.D. Album
The R.E.D. Album
Must Hear Track(s):  The City, Martians Vs. Goblins, Red Nation, Paramedics, Pot of Gold, Born in the Trap
2 Cents:  R.E.D. which represents The Game's re-dedication to Hip-Hop, Compton, and his family brings guest appearances from Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre to Chris Brown and Mario.  Was never a Game fan, but as you can see, I'm kinda feeling this album.

Note:  To purchase album on Amazon.com, click on image above.  To preview "must hear" tracks, click on the link.  

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A.B.C. by Eric J: "No BS" - Chris Brown

A.B.C.:  Also known as "Another Bad Creation" from my cousin, Eric J (choreographer/dancer/instructor)

 No BS. . . this choreo is sexy!  I see u giving us a beep of some skin tho, lol ;)

Eric J Class Schedule

Mon. - Beg. 9-10:30pm
Tues. - Adv. Beg. 9-10:30pm
Thurs. - Adv. Beg. 9-10:30pm
Sat - Int. 7:30 - 9:30pm

For more info, visit: Broadway Dance Center

If you have the chance to take his class, tell Eric J that MusicLife sent ya!!

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Keep an Ear: Bridget Kelly

Keep an Ear:  A feature post that presents up and coming artists you should keep an ear out for.

So Twitter has been buzzing lately about 25-year-old, songwriter/singer Bridget Kelly, a.k.a. BeeKay or BK and her single Thinking About Forever, written by Frank Ocean (you know the dude behind the song Novacane).

BK got her big break in the spotlight when she filled in for Alicia Keys singing on Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z on his international tour, his concert w/ Em at Yankee Stadium, and the 9/11 Benefit concert.

Long before being on stage with Jay, BK was singing as a kid and listening to the sounds of Motown, Jazz, and Pop at home.  She attended the LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in New York City (same school the musical Fame was based) and says it played a major part in her pursuing a career in music and allowed her to hone her talent.  BK's musical influences include Mariah Carey, Brandy, Whitney, Pink, Alicia Keys.

Now, BK is in the studio working on her debut album which she says is a very emotional driven album that will represent an aggressive yet vulnerable side.  She's working with many famous writers/producers like Frank Ocean, The-Dream, Ne-Yo, James Fauntleroy, and Shea Taylor.  She also plans to release an EP beforehand as an introduction to who she is which will include the single Thinking About Forever.  So make sure to keep an ear out for that when it drops.  BK has also collaborated with such musical greats as Dr. Dre and Nas for potential singles on their upcoming projects.

I was listening to an interview BK did and she said her fav Jay song was Encore and that she currently had Sade's and Florence + the Machine's albums playing on her iPod. . .so right there she gets mad MusicLife points from me!!!

Record Label: Roc Nation
Origin: NYC
Debut Album: TBD 
Genre: R&B
Similar Sound: Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys

Check out BK's acostic version of Thinking About Forever:

Performing with Jay-Z:

To learn more about Bridget Kelly, visit her website

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

J.Cole and The Cole World. . .World Tour

J. Cole, the first rap artist to be signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation, has had great success already without even dropping an official album.  He's released 3 highly successful mixtapes, collaborated with Jay-Z on "A Star is Born" off the Blueprint 3 album and has opened for Rihanna's LOUD and Drake's Light Dreams and Nightmares tours.  Named by BET as a Rising Icon, J. Cole is now ready to formally introduce himself to the world. . .on his own world tour to support the September 27 release of his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story!!

Tour Schedule

August 23 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue
August 25 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Events Centre
August 27 - Calgary, AB - Flames Central
August 30 - Saskatoon, SK - Odeon Theatre
August 31 - Winnipeg, MB - Garrick Center
September 3 - Toronto, ON - Sound Academy
September 6 - London, ON - Music Hall London
September 7 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda
September 10 - Orlando, FL - The Beacham Theatre
September 11 - Miami, FL - Revolutions
September 14 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
September 15 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
September 16 - Dallas, TX - Southside Music Hall
September 17 - Austin, TX - Emos
September 19 - Denver, CO - The Ogden
September 20 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
September 21 - Phoenix, AZ - The Venue
September 22 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia
September 23 - San Francisco, CA - Regency
September 29 - Winston Salem, NC - Winston Salem State University
October 2 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
October 4 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
October 6 - Kalamazoo, MI - Kalamazoo State Theatre
October 7 - Detroit, MI - Royal Oak
October 8 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
October 9 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
October 12 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
October 13 - Charlotte, NC - Fillmore
October 14 - Norfolk, VA - Old Dominion University
October 15 - Elizabeth City, NC - Elizabeth City State University
October 16 - Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
October 19 - Silver Spring, MD - Fillmore
October 20 - Baltimore, MD - Sound Stage
October 21 - Albany, NY - Armory
October 22 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
October 23 - Providence, RI - Lupo’s
October 25 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theatre
October 31 - Liverpool, UK - Echo Arena (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 1 - New Castle, UK - Metro Radio Arena (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 2 - Glasgow, UK - SECC (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 4 - London, UK - O2 Arena (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 5 - Bournemouth, UK - BIC (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 6 - Birmingham, UK - LG Arena (TinieTempah UK Arena Tour)
November 7 - Manchester, UK - MEN Arena (Tinie Tempah UK Arena Tour)
November 8 - Cardiff, UK - Motorpoint Arena (Tinie Tempah UK Arena Tour)
November 11 - London, UK - Electric Ballroom
November 12 - Birmingham, UK - Institute
November 13 - Cardiff, UK - Solus
November 14 - South Hampton, UK - University
November 17 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
November 18 - Liverpool, UK - Academy
November 19 - Sheffield, UK - Academy
November 20 - Manchester, UK Academy 2
November 22 - Cambridge, UK - Junction
November 24 - Bristol, UK - Academy
November 26 - Norway - Waterfront / UEA
November 30 - Brussels, Belgium - VK*
December 1 - Amsterdam, Holland - Melkweg
December 2 - Germany - TBD
December 3 - Copenhagen, Denmark - VEGA
December 4 - Malmo, Sweden - Babel
December 6 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Parken
December 7 - Stockholm, Sweden - Nalen
December 8 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
December 10 - Berlin, Germany - TBD
December 12 - Paris, France - La Cigale

To purchase tickets when available, click here.

Why Are Most Songs 4 Minutes, Anyway?

Excerpt from an article written by Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News

An interesting study was conducted last year on the average length of a song. The researcher scanned thousands of songs across several collections and determined that the average length was almost exactly 4 minutes - without much variation. Punk was shorter, techno longer, and rock and pop right around that mark.

And, most hit songs follow this rule: take a look at BigChampagne's Ultimate 100, or listen to a terrestrial radio station, and song lengths are typically in threes and fours, maybe fives. But why is that?  And, are digital platforms slowly changing this?

The Role of Radio.
At this stage, it's probably hard to tell, though radio is certainly playing a major role in this discussion.  If you want a radio-friendly hit, you need to play by certain rules, including length restrictions.  Shorter tracks are more familiar, and less likely to make listeners switch the dial.  And, they're more likely to get added into heavy rotation.

Then again, as potent as traditional radio is, it remains under attack from almost every angle.  That not only includes Pandora, but also iPods and smartphones, where song length is so much less important.  After all, this is your collection we're talking about: it's your soundtrack, with no commercial interruptions and unlimited flexibility.  So who cares if a song is 3 minutes or 30?

The new rock n' roll.
The answer is fewer people than before.  And electronica, arguably the "new rock n' roll," offers very tangible evidence of a shift.  DJs like Kaskade, deadmau5, Skrillex and Mord Fustang aren't worried about time restrictions, unless there's a radio edit or radio-friendly pop collaboration involved.  And this is a surging format where 'long play' is often the norm.

Just observe the throngs going to Electric Daisy Carnivals across the country.  This is anything but 3-minute pop, and it's almost entirely younger audiences.  This is a crowd used to skipping around, shuffling, and zoning out with white earbuds or Skullcandy headphones.  And this isn't a revolution being broadcast on terrestrial airwaves.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

SYTYCD: Season 8 In Review

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) 

Overall Season

I have to tell you all, this post has been a big struggle! I wanted to scream from the roof tops but I have to reserve myself enough to pull it together for MusicLife...

*Waving my MLK Jr church fan*

As I sit back and reflect over this season, I have to say that overall...Season 8 was a HUGH disappointment! Last season, I was not impressed with the change with the addition of All-Stars, however, this year that was something I was looking forward to... Unfortunately, the good folks at SYTYCD decided to change the format yet again. This new format was the main reason for my disappointment... 
  • Top 20 is way too many contestants.
    ~Oh, right...they decided to fix that by eliminating 2 contestants each week, 1 male and 1 female. 
  • Top 10 was ruined!!!
    ~Last season was about dance, not gender... it didn't matter whether or not you were a male or female if you had the least amount of votes you were in the bottom, period.
    Yeah, I'm talking to you Jess!
  • Random All-Stars
    ~I know that dancers have to work, but if you contract them, they will stay!!! 
  • New Choreographers
    ~It is not always a good thing when you decided to add random dance styles and random choreographers...to a final performance...

The format for Season 7 worked so well, because gender did not matter, which meant the choreographers were forced to work with 2 males or 2 females which created more diverse dance performances...since that option was taken away the choreographers were not challenged in the same way.

The Finale:

Best New Performance 
Performers: Matt Flint, UK winner of SYTYCD
with Nick and Jess, Season 8 Contestants
Style: Tap

This routine was the only thing special about the finale...it was fun and innovative and exciting!!!! This performance gave me hope, however false, but hope that this season would turn out right....but it didn't...

The Winner:

Melanie is a great dancer, however, this was a win that was not deserved. If you compare Melanie's body of work, on this show, with any of the other competitors you will see that she has not been challenged like they have. I felt like after the finale performances, it was clear who  *cough* "America" was going to "chose" as it's favorite dancer. Not only did she have every dance style to fit her personal style, but her interview with Kat was more detailed then any of the other contestants...It seemed that Melanie was known to be the winner before the finale #imjustsayin...

I will say this as neutral as I possibly can...

If anyone else would have won, standing next to Sasha, I would have been okay with it...However, I am not okay with Melanie as the winner.

And you're right that's not what I wanted to say....

Sasha was SHAFTED!!!!
*WOOOOO That feels better!!!*

Sasha has been spectacular all season with power, grace, intention and style. Tadd has been diverse and versatile all season and Marko has been perfection embodied in dance.  

Top Performances of the Season
Please click on the name of the contestant to view the performance

This has been another point of struggle for me...I want to select all of Sasha's performances, but I will try to be neutral and fair... Unlike the voters *cough* producers...

Best Group Performances
Top 10 Female Contestants - Pop, Drop and Roll
Top 10 Male Contestants - Velocity

Best Contestant Performances
Sasha and Melanie, Jazz - Game On
Mitchell and Caitlynn, Samba - Put It In A Love Song
Tadd and Melanie, Broadway - Love Story
Sasha and Alexander, Paso Doble - Alley Dash/March of the Trolls
Ricky and Ryan, Jazz - Fashion

Best Performances with an All-Star
Sasha with All-Star Kent, Jazz - Fool of Me
Clarice with All-Star Robert, BollywoodAila Re Aila
Sasha with All-Star Mark, Jazz - Raise Your Weapon
Marko with All-Star Allison, Contemporary - I Know It's Over
Sasha with All-Star Twitch, Hip Hop - Misty Blue
Melanie with All-Star Neil, ContemporaryTotal Eclipse of the Heart
Caitlynn with All-Star Pasha, Argentine Tango - Malajunta
Jordan with All-Star Ade, Jazz - Nutbush City Limits

Okay, I lied a little...but Sasha had phenomenal performances!!!!

In conclusion, this season was a major disappointment. I'll still be here for Season 9 with the major hope that we go back to the format from Season 7.

Thank you and I appreciate all of you who've been with me through this painful season =)

Who was your favorite dancer this season?

Do you vote?

Will you continue to watch future seasons?


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