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Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 Year in Review: Top 10 Must See Performances

Year in Review: A chance to reflect on this year's music moments

As tradition for the month of December, MusicLife will post year in reviews on top music moments for 2012. . . . according to us!  This is for those that didn't get a chance to see it or who saw but want to see it again.

These are the Top 10 Must See Performances of 2012, so take a moment or two to view these amazing performances.

(In no particular order)

1. 8 Flavahz Madonna performance on ABDC

My jaw dropped to the floor from the moment they started!  I was lost for words. . .all I could say was WTH just happened?  I mean did I just see that?  8 Flavahz basically told the other crews to go ahead and pack up their banners up and go home!!!! They lived and breathed Madonna for this challenge and not one member was born when Vogue was released in 1990.  From the fast wacking, quick drop to the side split  . . .just CRAY CRAY!!  Definitely earned the title of We Are Hero's Crack Babies of Dance!!!! (Click here to view We Are Heroes). 

2.  Amanda Brown performs Aerosmith's Dream On on The Voice

This performance proved Amanda could rock out with the best of them!  Not only did she kill the vocals but her stage presence was awesome and the high notes she hit at the end. . .WHAT!!!!

3.  Carly Rose Soneclar performs Nina Simone's Feeling Good on X-Factor

This was an UNBELIEVABLE performance and it was just her audition.  For a 12 year old, she wowed not just the audience but judges (even Simon looked in disbelief) as she SANG that song with such grown emotion.

4.  Bruno Mars performs Runaway Bride at the Grammys

2122122555 by YardieGoals

This performance was great!!! Bruno's energy and vibe completely stole the show!  This is an example of what a performance should look like.  Ladies and gentleman, this is the James Brown/Jackie Wilson of our day!!  His swag stays on ONE MILLION!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

5.  Pink's performs Try at the AMAs

Simply AMAZING!!  The "neck to neck" position she started the performance in had my jaw on the floor.  Pink continues to slam all the lipsyncers out there as she showed off her strength, flexibility, and vocal control during an acrobatic-like performance.  What can't this chick NOT do?

6. Cyrus and All-Star Twitch perform on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)

Throughout Season 9 of SYTYCD, Cyrus has been introducing the world to a form a dance known as "animation," which can only be described as the robot and popping meets expression and passion.  In this performance with Twitch, we get to see the full amazingness of this art form!!!  For me, this was the performance I waited for all season!!!!

This was Adele's night not because she won record, song, and album of the year but because it was her first performance after having vocal cord surgery.  It was her moment to show people she was back and what a great way by starting the performance A capella so people could hear with no interference the beauty and strength in her voice.  This was her full circle moment!

This performance not only showcased the winners of SYTYCD Season 9, the first time there was a male and female winner, but also the very first time having two classically trained ballet dancers perform the quality of dance that was performed here. Simply, hard work and tremendous talent!!!!

Her performance gave the show life!  It was just absolutely AMAZING!!  Melanie sang the hell out of that song and gave me goosebumps.

10.  JHud's Whit performance at Grammys

There was NO other artist that should have been standing in that spotlight when the lights came up.  This was the moment the world was waiting for to hear how JHud was going to pull this off.  Although I felt she held back a bit, I understand the emotion and last minute pressure she must have been going through..

What performance should we have included?

What was your favorite performance of 2012?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Analyze This: Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

Analyze This:  An in depth look at the lyrical content of a song to provide insight

You shout it out,
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

Cut me down
But it's you who have further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may not break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much


Stone-hard, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone-hard, those bulletproof glass


J9's Analysis:  The minute I heard this song, I fell in love with it.  David Guetta does it again using the amazing vocals of Sia to deliver this powerful song.  It's the underdog anthem sung for all the haters, doubters, and abusers, all those who have consistently try to pull you down.  The message is simple, regardless of the obstacles people throw in your way, you have the strength to prevail! 

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium

It's like hit me with your best shot, because in the end, I will always be left standing!

To illustrate this ultimate strength, I wondered why Titanium was picked out of all the materials in the world.  By definition, Titanium is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant and transition metal.  It's also the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.  Makes sense now!

ChinaBabe is famous for saying "if music is the sound that feelings make, then dance is feelings in motion."  An example of her point, which I believe gives life to the words of the song, was a performance during this season's America's Best Dance Crew with the remaining 3 crews dancing to this song.  Click here to see the performance.  It not only showed how far these crews had come in the competition but it was like they were telling their story. . . telling the world that through all the challenges they were given this season, they were the crews left standing ready to win!

Titanium appears on David Guetta's new album, Nothing But the Beat.  Click on the image to purchase on

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ABDC Season 7: Finale and Season In Review

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

J9:  We missed the last 2 weeks of posting our recaps, so here is a brief summary to get up-to-date before we get to the big stuff:

LMFAO Challenge (5/31/12) -  The remaining 4 crews used moments in the LMFAO videos and incorporated them in their routines.  The stand out crew was the Elektrolytes' routine with their recreation of opening a bottle, which showed their creativity (0:30).

David Guetta Challenge (6/7/12) - The 3 crews danced to the same David Guetta smash up using the same props and incorporated it in their choreo.  The stand out performance was Mos Wanted.  As JC said "the musicality that they played with. . .  and they owned each step."  Mos has a way of putting this smooth groove in their dance that's hot!  The best part was the glide they did at different levels (0:20). . AWESOME! Sidenote:  Am I the only one that thinks the guy with the braids could pass for a DeBarge member? #imjustsayin

I'd like to highlight the group performance, which in my opinion brought this whole competition full circle.  Here we are left with 3 great crews who are the best of the best and were the ones left standing.  The song choice, Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia was very appropriate . . .they are truly Titanium. . unbreakable!  I still get a bit emotional when I watch it again.

I think this was the hardest elimination in the history of ABDC.  Both Mos Wanted and Elektrolytes have proven themselves worthy of standing til the end in different ways.  Mos has pretty much been consistently strong through this competition and Elektrolytes has been the most improved crew.  It was really a lose-lose situation but in the end Elektrolytes won the battle which they deserved because the brought it!

ChinaBabe:  Sidenote: There was some internet chatter about the song that Mos Wanted battled to was not the song they were given during rehearsal and they were at a serious disadvantage when it came time to "battle." Some have even said they feel like the producers of ABDC set Mos Wanted up to fail.

Food4Thought: Half of Mos Wanted Crew has been on ABDC before as members of Boxcuttahz, Team Millennia, and Kaba Modern.


ChinaBabe:  The superstar artist of the finale was Katy Perry. Each crew was able to meet with Katy and get some inspirational advice for their finale performance. In addition, each crew was able to select one past season champion to perform with them in the finale.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Champion: Season 5 Poreotix
Song: Part of Me

This is one of few Poreotix routines that I actually enjoyed!!!! I loved that Elektrolytes was able to show a mix of athleticism and strength with humor and comedy, it was fantastic!!!! Even though the message of the song is serious, they found a way to make the performance meaning for and entertaining!

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Champion: Season 4 We Are Heroes
Song: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

This performance was a heavy dose of We Are Heroes mixed with 8 Flavahz sprinkles and I LOVED IT!!!! 8 Flavahz performed on stage with the only all female crew in the history of ABDC and held their own!!! My absolute favorite part was when Hiro passed the cape to passing the torch to the next generation of all female crews! I loved it!!! Girl Power Forever!!!

Crew: I.aM.mE
Champion: Season 6
Song: E.T. featuring Kanye West

Season 6 winners I.AM.Me returned to do a final performance as champions!!! Every moment of everything that I.AM.Me does is moment by moment snapshots of perfection and creativity!!!!


ChinaBabe: Overall, I expected to be disappointed and I was. Of course, I had high hopes for Fanny Pak, but when they were consistently in the bottom, I knew they would not be in the finale. I fully expected 8 Flavahz to be in the top throughout the season, they are a phenomenal group of young women! After the Madonna Challenge, they placed themselves firmly at the top! I completely expected Mos Wanted to be in the finale with 8 Flavahz but Elektrolytes made a strong go at the title. When Elektrolytes performed Get Right, I began to see them in a completely different light, and I think they continued to get better and better each week after.

J9:  Overall, I think this was one of the best ABDC seasons.  The crews were for the most part stronger and creative.  Plus, this is the only season where you had 2 younger crews stick it out for so long.  The creativity level of this season was just mind-blowing.  The best performance of this season for me HANDS DOWN was during the Madonna Challenge when 8 Flavahz did Vogue.  Let me tell you, after seeing their routine, I was left speechless with my jaw on the floor.  I mean, they basically told the crews YOU GOT SERVED, so go 'head and pack it up cause we got this!  This was their moment to tell the other crews they were not to be messed with. 

YOUR Season 7 Champion is... 

Elektrolytes have been the underdogs this entire season and I appreciate an underdog overcoming all odds!!! I love their athleticism and creativity. With each and every challenge they went above and beyond what was expected. I think the will rock the crown, just as proudly as any other crew before them!!!!

Congratulations Elektrolytes !!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

ABDC Season 7 Week 7: The Rihanna Challenge

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

Last night, the superstar of the night was Rihanna, the Pop Princess!!! We all know that Rihanna makes bold statements with her fashion and in her videos. Each crew was given a prop and had to use that to accentuate their routine, while showing off their own crew style.

Overall, the night was a little disappointing... it just needed a little something extra. I was so excited about the Rihanna Challenge, however, the night did not live up to expectations. This challenge did nothing to push the crews out of their element...

Since there are only 5 crews remaining, again, because no one was sent home last week...and I probably will have an issue with the way America votes from here to the finale, we will stick with this slightly different format...Please Enjoy =)

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Prop: Explosives
Song: Birthday Cake
Position After Votes: Top 2

As usually, these lovely young ladies haven't made one wrong 8 count since they stepped on the ABDC stage. I mean we have stunts, we have choreography, we have a story... There is nothing that 8Flavahz cannot do!!! Again, if it's not clear who the winner of season 7 is... you need to watch this video clip again...#imjustsayin

Crew: Mos Wanted
Prop: Jackets
Song: Cockiness
Position After Votes: Top 3

I knew they would get Cockiness!!!!!! This routine was BEYOND sexy... Since the beginning of this season, I've always felt like Mos Wanted has carried themselves with a certain level of "cockiness" this song was PERFECT!!! There was something stylish and aggressive and...just...simply sexy...that's it, that's all...

Crew: Electrolytes
Prop: Microphone Stand
Song: Where Have You Been
Position After Votes: Bottom 2

I've been fighting this...but I really like Electrolytes!!! Their great mix of stunts and storytelling mixed with high energy is just infectious!!! They have been improving each and every great to see growth!!!

Please click on the crew name to view the performance.

Rated Next Generation (RGN) was less than impressive...Last week they really brought it but this week it was really...terrible... I just hope America sees this and votes accordingly.  Especially,since there are not many crews left in the competition.

Fanny Pak gave another solid performance. It was just their time to go... I'm beyond sad, I still feel like Fanny Pak is ABDC's Most UnderRated Crew!!!! There is not one step that isn't passionate and precise. Matt Cady and Megan Lawson are FANTASTIC choreographers and I wish them both continued success. 

I love and miss all of the members of the Pak!!!!

Next week's featured Super Star will be LMFAO! Quest Crew will be in the building for a special performance...I know D-Trix will not be performing with them, but a girl can DREAM right???? 

Who's your favorite crew?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ABDC Season 7 Week 6: The Pitbull Challenge

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

Last night, the superstar of the night was Pitbull, International King of Party Music!!! When you hear a Pitbull song, there is an instant party. Pitbull gave each crew an international dance style that they had to incorporate into their dance routine.

Overall, the night was very unique. This challenged pushed the crews way beyond their usual comfort zones...which for most was a good thing, for others not so much...

Since there are only 5 crews remaining, and I did not agree with America's voting, the format will be slight different then past ABDC posts. Please Enjoy =)

Crew: RNG (Rate Generation Next)
International Country: Japan
Song: Hotel Room Service
Position After Votes: Bottom 2

This is the very first performance where RNG has lived up to their potential. I thought this was exciting and action packed. I thought it was great to finally see them shine. I still find them to be very stiff and slightly robotic, but this week, it worked for them.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
International Country: Spain
Song: Hey Baby
Position After Votes: Top 3

I honestly believe there is nothing that these 8 wonderfully talented females cannot do!!!! I am consistently amazed at each and every performance that they bring to the stage! The athleticism that each crew member had to have to pull off their stunts was extraordinary!!!! Simply perfection!!! If they keep this up 8 Flavahz will win ABDC season 7... #YouHeardItHereFirst

Crew: Fanny Pak
International Country: India
Song: International Love
Position After Votes: Bottom 2

I am a part of the Pak and I will stand by them until the very end!!!! This performance was a great mix of East meets West!!! Indian/Bollywood flavor blended seamlessly with Fanny Pak and I loved it!!!! I agree 1,000% with the judges decision!!!

Please click on the crew name to view the performance.

Electrolytes were decent, I expected more. While their performance was high energy and very stunt driven, I would like to see them do something a little different... It is always great to see attractive men take off their clothing and be sexy but it's a bit like women swinging their hair or being too sexy... if you just dance we respect your work with your clothing's sort of like a last minute cop out to me... #imjustsayin 

Mos Wanted Crew even though they were one of the Top 3 crews, this was the worst Mos Wanted performance ever. It was messy and mistake filled. At least one crew member was off for the majority of the performance. This usually would not be so bad, but since their routines are highly depended on "action/reaction" type stunts the entire routine fell extremely short.

The Shocking Results

In summary, the bottom 2 crews were Fanny Pak and Rated Next Generation (RNG) and if you are keeping notes, those two crews had the best performances of the night. I will not get on my "America doesn't understand Fanny Pak" soapbox, but I will say, it is a bit ridiculous that true artistry and creativity is not accepted universally. Even though I love the Pak, I have to be honest and say, if it were based solely on the performance last night, Fanny Pak should have gone home...But alas, my heart stopped when the results were read and the judges saved BOTH CREWS!!!! All is right in the universe!!!  

Next week's featured Super Star will be Rihanna! We all know RiRi knows how to get a party started, so next week should be great!!! Well...if the judges have to send home 2 crews that would be NOT NICE!!! We shall see...

Who's your favorite crew?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

ABDC Season 7 Week 5: The Jennifer Lopez Challenge

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

Last night, the superstar of the night was American Idol judge Ms. Jennifer Lopez, better known as JLo. What a lot of people tend to forget is that JLo is a triple threat! She is a singer, dancer and actress. Her musical catalogue is pretty deep and she has dance styles for decades. Each crew was given a “defining moment” in JLo’s career and was told to incorporate that time period into their routine. As an added challenge JLo’s choreographer, Beau “Casper” Smart, gave the crews a “JLo type dance” to enhance their performance.

Overall the night was very high energy. I loved the energy that each crew brought to the stage last night.

Here are some good performances from last night...

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Defining Moment: Miami is JLo's second home
Challenge: To salsa and incorporate trumpets into the routine
Song: Let's Get Loud

OMG!!!! WTF?!?!?! These girls get better and better each and every week!!! There is no challenge that is really a challenge for them. They are consistent professionals with solid creative dance routines. It is still mind-boggling that they are sooo young!

SideNote: Dear Lil Mama, her name is ANGEL not AngJew…I cannot stand it!!!! I think it bothers me even more because my daughter’s name is Angel… GOOD LAWD!!!!

Crew: Electrolytes
Defining Moment: Riding the 6 train in New York City
Challenge: To create a subway train during the routine
Song: Get Right

This was the first performance from these fantastic guys where I actual see them as a contender in the battle for the title of America’s Best Dance Crew! Not only did they have a story, but it was funny and creative. I was so excited about this performance and it did not disappoint! I loved every moment!!!!

Mos Wanted Crew gave a solid performance it was creative, smooth and sexy, as usual, I think it’s time they step their game up and give us a little more than expected.

Bottom 3 Crews
Please click on the crew name to view the performances.

This week the bottom 3 crews, as voted by America, had to battle for the judges. The judges would send one crew home.

Crew: Fanny Pak
Defining Moment: JLo being a fashion icon
Challenge: To change clothes during the routine
Song: Waiting for Tonight

This performance was EVERYTHING!!!! This is the first time, EVER, that I have to agree with Lil Mama. Fanny Pak went from “Robots to Rainbows”!!! This performance was very reminiscent of the “Everybody Rejoice” routine from the 1978 musical “The Wiz” starring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. This is a 2012 version with rainbows and glitter!!!! It was so much of EVERYTHING, I don’t even know what to say…

WAIT… I got it… Fanny Pak will be in the bottom again next week, because again, NO ONE WILL GET IT!!! Not to worry, Pak, we at MusicLife are here for you =)

Rated Next Generation (RNG) had a really good performance. Unfortunately, they were stiff and 90s dance moves were not stiff!!! I know they didn’t know anything about the 90s, they weren’t born…LOL!

Collizion Crew had a decent performance. They have been consistently thrown curveballs throughout the entire season. All of their challenges have been completely out of their comfort zone and they’ve stepped up. I take my hat off to that!!! Unfortunately, it was not enough when compared to Fanny Pak and RNG… Collizion Crew was sent home =(

Next week's featured Super Star will be PitBull!!! Which should be fun and super exciting. Season 6, Iconic Boyz will join this season's remaining crews for an opening performance. 

Who's your favorite crew?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ABDC Season 7 Week 4: The Drake Challenge

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

Last night, the superstar of the night was Drake, which means his music was featured for the night. This season each crew will be given music from the featured "superstar" artist and create a routine. This week's challenge was to take a lyric from Drake and bring it to life in the performance.

I was not excited about this challenge, at all!!! I think it's difficult to create a dance routine around Drake's music, simply his catalog is just not diverse enough. Overall, this was the most disappointing night in ABDC history!!! All of the crews seemed to come up short.

Here are some good performances from last night...

Crew: Mos Wanted 
Challenge Lyric: "...pass it like a relay"
Song: The Motto featuring Lil Wayne

As always Mos Wanted was solid, clean and crisp! I loved how they used multiple street dance styles from the C-Walk to the Dougie, it was AWESOME!!! There is something so sexy about the swag of Mos Wanted...However, the challenge fell so short with all the talent in this crew... Remember, there are 8 choreographers in Mos Wanted!!!

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Challenge Lyric: "Nothing's gonna tear us apart"
Song: Find Your Love

This performance was pure heart! Angel danced from her heart and soul and her crew was there to support her...this performance was way more emotional and heavier than I thought it would get but it was simply beautiful to watch.

Food4Thought: Angel is the main dancer in this performance, she is also the "purple flavah" of 8 Flavahz. Her mother's cancer is progressing faster than originally expected. Angel had to make the decision of either going home or staying with her crew. She decided, with her mother's blessing, that "nothing's gonna tear us apart" and she would stick it out with her crew.

SideNote: Cancer has hit very close to home for the MusicLife Family and this was just extra emotional for me.
Rest in Serenity Ms. Lottie and Nana Bertha

Crew: Fanny Pak
Challenge: "Running on a treadmill, and only eatin' salad"
Song: Make Me Proud featuring Nicki Minaj

This performance was a theatrical act in a play! There was a love story being was great to watch. Fanny Pak gave us drama, strong dance and street swag, which is new for the Pak!!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!!!

Please click on the crew name to view the performances.

The entire show was a struggle to watch from the very beginning! I'm not sure how the rest of America is voting because there are many crews who should not be at the's just sad...

Electrolytes had a good performance, I'm still not convinced. Don't get me wrong, they are talented and high energy, but I've seen them before...they are not new or innovative...#Shrug
Collizion Crew had a creative way of showing their lyric, but they need to be cleaner with the tricks and choreography. It's like you can tell where all the tricks are coming from and going... #GetItTogether!
Rated Next Generation (RNG) I'm not understanding how this crew, at this point, is the top crew! Their performance last week was terrible, just terrible. This week's performance was decent...#ThatsIt

Bottom 2 Crews

It's just so horrible that Fanny Pak was in the bottom 2 with StepBoys!!! I am convinced that America just doesn't understand the Pak! They had one of the top performances last week and are finding themselves in the bottom all over again (season 2 deja vu).

StepBoys v. Fanny Pak...when this match up was announced I thought, are you serious...StepBoys can't compare to the Pak. However, I was very nervous after StepBoys performed. This was there best performance yet! The member in the bear suit was amazing! But, at the end of the day, Fanny Pak moved on to next week's episode! Thank Goodness!!!!

Next week's featured Super Star will be Jennifer Lopez AKA JLo! This could be interesting, let's see...

Who's your favorite crew?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ABDC Season 7 Week 3: The Madonna Challenge

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

Last night, the superstar of the night was Madonna, which means her music was featured for the night. This season each crew will be given music from the featured "superstar" artist and create a routine. This week's challenge was to take a dance style, from a Madonna video and incorporate it into their dance routine.

I have to be honest, I wasn't too thrilled about Madonna being a featured superstar.  You have to understand that, I am an "old school" Madonna fan. I'm talking pre-2000 Madonna. I thought this would be  "new" Madonna, but it was a great mix of her entire collection!!! I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are some great performances from last night...

Crew: 8 Flavahz 
Challenge: Voguing
Song: Vogue

This performance was so BEYOND!!!! O...M...G....After this performance all of the other crews can pack up their banners up and just go home!!!! This performance gave me chills...There were elements of the original video spiced up to look new, young and fresh and it was still sexy!!! I don't even feel right saying this about a group of babies. I don't know where the hell these girls came from...well yes I do, they are We Are Hero's Crack Babies of Dance!!!! (Just click here to view We Are Heroes)

Food4Thought: Not one member of 8 Flavahz was born when Madonna released Vogue in 1990!!!

Crew: Fanny Pak
Challenge: Wacking in Heels
Song: Girl Gone Wild

All I have to say is FIERCE!!!!! Fanny Pak is the ONLY crew who could have pulled off dancing in heels! The entire crew was in HEELS!!!! There is a certain level of professionalism and talent it takes to pull off heels and a couple of the male members of the Pak were having serious issues walking, let alone dancing. This performance was fantastic and classic Fanny Pak!!! 

SideNote: Matt and Megan choreographed on Madonna's upcoming 2012 World Tour.

Crew: Mos Wanted
Challenge: Popping
Song: 4 Minutes

This performance was sexy and intelligent. Not only was Mos Wanted a clean crew with smooth fluid movements but this performance was strong and confident. They gave me everything I could even begin to expect from an all male crew dancing to a Madonna song...strong and sexy... I likie a lot!!!

Please click on the crew name to view the performances.

I'm not sure how many times I watched the 8 Flavahz Vogue Performance but it keeps getting better!!!

Electrolytes had a decent solid performance, I was sleeping on them, but they added in krumping with ease.
Rated Generation Next (RGN) performance gets 4 thumbs down! Human Nature USE TO BE my favorite Madonna song until this horrible performance...just sad...
StepBoys are not entertaining! Everything they do, Instant Noodle already did, except they were 10 times better. By the way, choreographing a booger picking tut is not cute, nor is it entertaining!!!! #itschildish

Bottom 3 Crews

It seems that the good folks at ABDC like to shake things up a bit. The bottom 3 crews had one final dance and the judges would decided which single crew would continue toward becoming the season 7 champs.  Which meant 2 crews would be heading home...

Collizion Crew did a fantastic job even with having to add in line Funkdation was cute, fun and had high energy, but there was nothing new. Irratik was sexy and sassy but just didn't have enough spark to continue on. Needless to say, the judges saved Collizion Crew...I hope they impress America next week!

Next week's featured Super Star will be Drake *eye roll* I'm still not impressed, but we will soon see...

Who's your favorite crew?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ABDC Season 7: The Introduction

America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 7
Return of the Super Stars

I'm so excited for the season 7 of ABDC, this is easily my favorite show to cover...what can I say...I LOVE DANCE!!!! ABDC returns with the same judges, JC Chasez, Lil Mama and D-Trix and host, Mario Lopez.  After the success of last season's the "Season of the Super Stars", we have the follow up this season with "Return of the Super Stars".  This means that each week the crews will have to perform to a master mix of a selected Super Star's music, which always makes for a great show!!!

This season the producers decided to throw in a little twist. The Top 10 crews performed in 2 groups of 5 crews. The bottom crews, one from each week, as decided by the judges, would meet center stage for a "showdown".  The winner of the showdown would move on to the Top 9 and compete for America's votes.

Week 1 – Aired April 11th
Featured Superstar:
Britney Spears

1.  Fanny Pak
2.  8 Flavahz
3.  Irratik
4.  Stepboys
5.  Mix'd Elements
Group 2 – Aired April 18th
Featured Superstar: 
Flo Rida

     1.  Mos Wanted Crew
     2.  Rated Next Generation
     3.  Collizion Crew
     4.  Elektrolytes
     5.  Funkdation

Crew: Mos Wanted
Super Star: Flo Rida
Song: Hands in the Air

By far and with ease Mos Wanted Crew is the crew to beat!!! They are amazing!!! Before this season began, I did not want to like this crew, there was a lot of talk, via the internet, about Mos Wanted last season.  They were one step from being a Top 10 crew on season 6, but did not make the final cut. It seemed from many fan sites that this crew thought they "deserve" to be on ABDC, just because they have YouTube Fans.  I felt like they should have to work and earn a spot just like every other crew. However, I was quickly impressed before the first 8 count was complete.

Sidenote:  Lando Wilkins (light skin with braids) was a member of Boxcuttuhz from Season 3. If you don't remember them, that's okay, they weren't much to remember...#imjustsayin

Question: How many times are you allowed to appear on ABDC with different crews?
We need to check into this....

Crew: Fanny Pak
Super Star: Britney Spears
Song: Womanizer

Now for all of you that missed season 2 of ABDC the Pak is Bak!!!!! They are a larger crew and they performed like they have something to prove. This breakout crew from Season 2 is back for another chance at the ABDC championship title. Tons of Fanny Pak supporters felt like the Pak were robbed of the season 2 title and now they are BAK!!!! AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY MOMENT!!!! Check out the Missy Elliot Challenge performed by season 2 Fanny Pak!

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Super Star: Britney Spears

This crew of sassy pre-teens make me excited about dance! I'm not usually a fan of the "youngin" on the ABDC stage, but this crew has really brought a different "flavah" to the show! 8 Flavahz is made up of 4 girls from Los Angeles and 4 girls from Hawaii...which is a prefect blend of dance, gymnastics and spunk!!! I hope to see these young ladies go far.

Crew: Collizion 
Super Star: Flo Rida
Song: Low

What can I say about Collizion Crew, besides I'm a sucker for swag!!! This crew from Atlanta has a handle on stage presence, personality and swag!!!! I can't wait to see what this crew will bring next week!!!!

The Showdown

Crews: Mix'd Elements vs. Funkdation
Song: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 by Flo Rida

Unfortunately, I was not surprised that both of these crews landed in the bottom two. I was not impressed with either of them and I felt like this "dance battle" was a little staged and choreographed. I love real dance battles, not of this bubble gum "You Got Served" dance battleness!!!! I'm over it!!!!

Funkdation survived the showdown and will advance to the Top 9!

The season 7 Crews seems to have all the right elements for a fantastic season!!! There are some crews that I'm still trying to figure out how they made it past audition. But, there are some crews that can give the front runners, Fanny Pak and Mos Wanted Crew, battle toward the title! 

Now on to our always, JC's comments are always truthful and useful!!! D-Trix, generally, has an inappropriate comment, which is GREAT!!!! Even though Lil Mama was dressed like a normal person, some of her comments were, completely unnecessary or a repeat of what someone else already J9 said " I wonder if JC ever gets irritated by Lil Mama's irrelevant comments...I would"!!! She's just extra... in all the bad ways!!!  

Even though next week's featured Super Star will be Madonna, I'm not that excited...but we shall see!!!

What are you looking forward too most in season 7?

Who's your favorite crew?

Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Year in Review: Top 10 Must See Performances

Year in Review: A chance to reflect on this year's music moments

For the month of December, MusicLife will post year in reviews on top music moments for 2011. . . . according to us!  This is for those that didn't get a chance to see it and for those who saw but want to see it again.

These are the Top 10 Must See Performances of 2011, so take a moment or two to view these amazing performances.

(In no particular order)

1. Shady 2.0 Cypher with Yelawolf, Slaughter House (Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce 5'9") and Eminem at BET Hip-Hop Awards

This was the best cypher that night and the one people were talking about days after the awards.  This was so good, it was almost offensive for it to be on the damn BET Hip Hop Awards.  All I'm saying is Eminem IS Hip-Hop in it's purest form!  Joe Buddens IS Hip Hop!!!  This whole set gave me chills...oh. . . #ByeRihanna.  Click here to read our recap of the entire show.

2. Pentatonix's Radio Killed Video Star on The Sing-Off 

This was the game changer for Pentatonix!  If you missed The Sing-Off this season, you missed a number of fantastic performances but it was this one that stole the entire season!  This was phenomenal!  To read all the weekly Sing-Off recaps, click here.

3.  The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) perform Otis on MTV Video Music Awards

This surprise performance was great!  It definitely prepared fans for what was in store for the Watch the Throne Tour!  I love Otis, I loved the long walk entrance!  To read our recap of the entire show, click here.

4.  Gwyneth Paltrow and the Cast of Glee Perform Umbrella/Singin' in the Rain

How they mixed a modern song like RiRi's Umbrella with a classic 1952 show-tune, Singing in the Rain by Gene Kelly was brilliant!!!  And the choreo with visuals was the icing on the cake.  This is a perfect example of why Glee is such a great show because it exposes their younger audience to music of different genres and time periods!  Gwyn also did a GREAT job!!

5.  i.Am.Me perform S&M by Rihanna on America's Best Dance Crew

They KILLED this performance!!  It had me the moment the girl did that skating slide on top of the other members (0:03).  They crushed their competition and did a fantastic job interpreting their "Spiderman challenge" that week.  This performance is one of many great ones that really showed the world why they deserved to be this year's ABDC champions. . .obviously it worked because they won!!  To read all the weekly recaps of ABDC, click here.

6.  Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow perform Forget You on The 53rd Annual Grammys

Come on, Cee Lo singing Forget You with Gwyn and The Muppets. . .crazy!!  I loved every bit of it.  This might be the best Cee Lo performance I've seen.  It was great to see Gwyn perform this song live with Cee Lo since she also performed the song during a Glee episode.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Muppets got some more street cred after this performance, lol.  Click here to read our review of the entire show.

7.  Dia Frampton's Heartless (Kanye West cover) on The Voice

I think this was the moment viewers at home realized that Dia had true talent and star potential.  She made that Kanye song hers and I loved the way she changed it up.  You could tell Dia had a hit on her hands when soon after she performed the song, it appeared in the Top 20 hit in iTunes. 

8.   John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Norah Jones performs Dolly Parton's Jolene at the 53rd Annual Grammys

This was a fantastic performance by the three.  They took a song performed in 1974 and made it timeless.  For such a short performance, it caught my attention as I had to stop and listen.  They did the Dolly song justice!

9.  Lupe and Erykah perform Words I Never Said on BET Hip-Hop Awards

This performance stirred up a lot of discussion.  Mother Badu in a burka sounding like Alanis Morrisette...The entire performance needed a disclosure statement but what a powerful statement it made.  I got the message and I loved the rock feel.

10.  Sasha & Kent perform Fool of Me on So You Think You Can Dance 

Sasha just might be the best dancer in SYTYCD history!!!!  She moves with intention, focus and passion...there is something unspoken that is expressed in each and every movement that she makes.  If music is the sound that feeling makes and dance is feeling in motion then Sasha Mallory is DANCE!!!!  To read all the weekly SYTYCD recaps, click here.

What performance should we have included?

What was your favorite performance of 2011?

Monday, June 6, 2011

ABDC Season 6 Finale: ChinaBabe Edition

On Thursday, June 2nd 2011, the Top 3 crews performed and the Top 2 crews performed their 'Last Chance' performance all in one night!!!! 

Iconic Boyz moved to the Top 2 by having the most votes, which left Phunk Phenomenon and IamMe, in the bottom two. In the end, Phunk Phenomenon was sent home. The Top 2 crews, Iconic Boyz and IamMe, then performed their 'Last Chance' performance which allowed each crew to create their entire routine from music selection to styling choice.

Crew: IamMe
Last Chance Title: Ill-Emental

There is nothing more spectacular than creative people joining forces to present a complete work of art to the world.  With this performance I believe IamMe has made their mark in dance.  To be individual and come together for one united good, is simply AMAZING!!!!

The Finale

Last night, June 5th was the ABDC Season 6 Finale.  If you're an ABDC fan, like I am, you were expecting the judges favorite crews to dance together and the final two crews to perform together, which would have given a total of 5 performances. However, the good people at ABDC decided to give us all of our champion crews!!! This slight change was amazing, although I don't think combining it with the Movie Awards Red Carpet was a good idea. I know from a fan of dance stand point, I wanted the show to be continuous...adding the live red carpet was interesting (not in a good way).

Season 1 Champions
Jabbawockees featuring Season 6 Crews
Song: Devastating Stereo by The Bangerz

This performance was amazing!!! I'm not sure what was more exciting the Army of Jabbas or the Little Jabba at the end who turned out to be a girl...what ever it was it was worth all the Movie Award interruptions!!!! I absolutely loved every moment from beginning to end!!!!

Season 4 Champion 
 Crew: We Are Heroes
Song: Who Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

This performance was easily the best of the night!!! All I have to say is boys you try doing back hand springs, in a circle, in HEELS...go head I dare you!!!! In summary, speechless!!!

Season 2 Champion 
 Crew: Sup3r Crew
Song: Power by Kanye West

I have to admit, I was not a fan of Super Crew during season 2.  However, I have to say that they were the best crew of that season, and this performance shows why! They are amazing b-boys along with great athleticism all makes for a super crew!!!! 

Season 5 Champion 
 Crew: Poreotics
Song: Friday by Rebecca Black

Not only do we have great dancing in this performance, but the comedy element of every Poreotics routine is amazing!!! I loved the humor of this piece...I especially enjoyed the shout out to Instant Noodles, that was great!

#EpicFailure of the Night

Season 3 Champion 
 Crew: Quest Crew without D-Trix
Song: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Overall DISAPPOINTING!!!! Now, Quest is my very favorite crew ever, however, all that was Quest was lacking last night.  This performance had it's moments, but if I'm being honest, it was seriously lacking...I guess it's true, that D-Trix was the soul of Quest, and without him....they are left searching...

Your Season 6 Champion is...I.AM.ME!!!!

Song: Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner

All season I've said that IamMe was amazing and absolutely fantastic!!! I'm so excited that we get to see a uniquely different, extremely creatively talented crew now where the ABDC crown!!!! 

Who Are You? 'Cause I. AM. ME!!!!!

Did you enjoy this season?

Did you agree with America

Friday, May 20, 2011

ABDC Season 6 Week 7: ChinaBabe Edition

The superstar of the night was Nicki Minaj, which meant her music was featured for the night. This season each crew will be given music from the featured "superstar" artist and create a routine.  Last night, each crew had the challenge of creating a dance move inspired by one of  Nicki's many personalities.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Song: My Chick Bad by Ludacris featuring Nicki Minaj
 Persona: Nicki Teresa, the half Indian healer
Challenge: Belly Dancing
Judge's Thoughts: Lil Mama thought that Phunk Phenomenon got back to the 'Phunk'

This performance was the best of the night!!! Even with Bebo falling this performance allowed Phunk Phenomenon to get back to their style of dance and they tore it down!!!

Crew: IamMe 
Song: Moment 4 Life featuring Drake
 Persona: Cookie, Nicki's childhood personality
Challenge: To play a childhood game in their performance

Judge's Thoughts: D-Trix thought they were 'using the challenges to their advantage'

IamMe continues to impress me with their style of dance!!! They continue to find new and exciting ways to incorporate the challenge into their style of dance.  Not only did they play hop-scotch, they played limbo, made a jump rope, played wack-a-mole, played leap frog and made a swing was beyond fantastic!

Crew: Street Kingdom
Song: Did It On Em
Persona: Roman Dillon Sky, her most hardcore militant alter ego
*I guess this personality replaces Roman Zolanski*
Challenge: To perform military drills
Judge's Thoughts: D-Trix thought they were 'buck'

This is the best we've seen from Street Kingdom! Once they figured out a way to incorporate group krump into their routines they have been awesome.  It's just too bad they started a little slow and it took too much time from the performance to develop.  

Crew: Iconic Boys
Song: Check It Out featuring Will.I.Am
Persona: Harajuku Barbie, Nicki's carefree personality
Challenge: Transform into Marionette Dolls 
Judge's Thoughts: Lil Mama really liked the 'TRANStriloquist' part in the performance

Yes, she did!!!! And you know JC was right there to coop it all up and repeated the word, correctly, in his comments...It was perfect...LMAO!!! Oh, right, Iconic Boyz...the performance was cute and it made me smile, I still don't think they should be in the top 3 but apparently America loves them....*side eye*

Banner that Fell: Street Kingdom
The last two weeks have been amazing for Street Kingdom and I'm a little sad to see them go...I would much rather Iconic Boys go home...#KanyeShrug

Group Performance

Who did you think was the best crew?

Who do you think was the worst crew?

Did you agree with "America"?


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